La Cuesta Ranch Wedding

Erin and Chris exchanged their vows under the iconic oak tree at the La Cuesta Ranch in San Luis Obispo. A genuine heartfelt celebration captivated by the many that supported Chris and Erin on their new journey as husband and wife. We had the pleasure of catching up with them after their wedding to reflect, please read on through their view…

1.     What was your favorite part on your wedding day?

We literally didn’t have to think about a thing on our wedding except us. We kept trying to ask if Janet needed anything and with motherly assurance just made sure we were where we needed to be and that we could really experience our own wedding and be present. 

2.     Why would you suggest hiring a wedding planner?

Absolutely! I was hesitant at first, but after going through the planning with Janet, her endless well of local connections and her thorough review of our contracts, the value was so apparent. Janet was a sounding board down to the smallest detail to the overall flow of the event EVERYTHING in between. 

3.     What inspired you most, when planning your wedding?

Janet was willing to give us as much time as we needed to feel like things were on track, but she kept us focused on what was important to nail down now vs what we could put off. We planned our wedding from a few hours drive away so our visits to local vendors were all bunched together and Janet coordinated our time so we could do as much as possible in just a few short visits. We kept saying “do we need to go back there?” And we kept being surprised that we couldn’t find a reason. 

4.     What surprised you on your wedding day?

You hear so many horror stories of the cater is late, the band doesn’t show up, it was unclear who was going to bring the ice… if there were any of these last minute issues, we still to this day don’t know about them.  We can’t believe that everything went off without a hitch, but It was all so seamless to us the day of our wedding we spent our entire time enjoying our friends and family who came from far and near to be there for us. 


VENUE: La Cuesta Ranch⁠

DESIGNER/COORDINATION: Sandcastle Celebrations

FLORALS: Elegant Details

PHOTOGRAPHY: Michelle Roller Photography

CATERING: Pacific Harvest

BAR: Copper and Crystal

BEER: Topa Topa Brewing Co.


AIR STREAM: Outdoorsy


DESSERT: Doc Burnsteins Ice Cream

DJ: Cimo Brothers

DONKEY: Luv Me Tender Farm⁠

Sandcastle Celebrations is a boutique wedding and event design company serving the Central Coast of California from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles. San Luis Obispo Wedding Planner, Janet Tacy, believes every love story is unique. It’s our job to help you share that story by developing an extraordinary wedding experience. Our attention to detail and personal commitment to your special day ensures that your vision is executed flawlessly.